Why Would Marshawn Lynch Need 20,000 Quarters?

“ – Marshawn Lynch agreed to do a two-minute interview with the Alliance of American Football (AAF) for $5,000 before the league went bankrupt, an AAF employee told The MMQB’s Conor Orr.
After receiving the check for $5,000, Lynch then asked to instead be paid in quarters. AAF co-founder Charlie Ebersol granted his wish, and 20,000 coins were delivered to Lynch’s hotel room.
That exchange took place in November when Lynch showed up at a Las Vegas casino for the AAF’s quarterback draft. Lynch’s cousin, Josh Johnson, was selected with the first overall pick.
The interview took place and was recorded, but it never aired. The AAF filed for bankruptcy on April 17 and discontinued operations shortly before that.”

Marshawn Lynch is a wild and strange man, and this is something we’ve known for awhile. But requesting $5K in quarters is a straight up psychopath move.

We don’t really know what Lynch needed the quarters for, so I’ve put together a list of possibilities for what he could’ve possibly used the coins for.

Vending Machine Diet

Lynch is kind of a thicc running back. Maybe he went on a straight vending machine diet and consumed only snack cakes, candy bars, and assorted bags of chips.

Play Quarters

Who doesn’t love drinking games?

Slot Machines?

He’s in Vegas so this is a reliable guess. Too bad I don’t know how much it costs to play the slots.

Laundry Store

He’s out of town. I guess? So.

Scratch Off Lottery Tickets

He was in Vegas, so maybe his preferred form of gambling is playing scratch offs. Even though he could do that anywhere. You can use the quarters to buy $1 tickets and use a different quarter to scratch one off until you find a lucky quarter.

Make a Quarter Book

Collect a quarter from every state.

Making it Hail in the Strip Club

Fuck making it rain. Throw some coins in the club.


This is honestly the only answers I can come up with. But the only person that knows why Lynch needed 20,000 quarters is Lynch himself. And I just hope he truly enjoyed spending it.


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