How Am I Just Now Finding Out About this Rob Dibble vs Lou Piniella Fight?

Listening to the Jim Day podcast episode with Tom Browning today and he starts to tell a hilarious story about a fight between Rob Dibble and Manager Lou Piniella during the 1992 season, so I had to go check the video out myself.

Absolute GOLD. Just two all-time hot heads going at each other.

The backstory behind this 1992 incident is that Dibble had pitched the past three games, and asked for a day off unless he was absolutely needed. The Reds went out and lost the game, and the media asked Lou why he didn’t turn to Dibble in an important situation, to which Lou replied “He didn’t want to pitch today he wanted the day off.”

After the media heard this, they ran to Dibble’s locker and began to question him. Dibble called bullshit on the whole thing, and says he was available to pitch.

Next thing you know, Piniella is charging Dibble and Dibble gets him in a headlock and just basically roughs the old man up. Not that old, but still too old to try to fight a CURRENT ballplayer, especially one that’s as big of a bad ass as Dibble.

The best part about this video though is everything else that’s going on around it. You’ve got Hall of Famer Barry Larkin trying to break the fight up in just a towel, pitcher Tim Belcher telling the camera man to get that camera out of here and “if that fucker is on I’ll break it”, and recently acquired 1992 All-Star Second Baseman Bip Roberts standing in the middle of the locker room with a facial expression that’s along the lines of “I have no clue what the fuck just happened.”

If only Springer was still around on WLWT in 1992 (five years before I was born, fun fact) to report on it.





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