Who is to Blame for the Reds Not Recording a Single Hit Last Night?

The Reds were coming off a series they split at home against the Giants where they averaged 9.25 runs an outing. How did our lineup build off our momentum? By not recording a single goddamn hit.

Last night’s lineup that featured a former MVP, three all-stars that have combined for eight appearances, the #6 prospect in all of baseball, and the red hot bats of Jesse Winker and Derek Dietrich couldn’t even get one single hit.

One single hit.

And it was against a guy that’s more known for breaking Giancarlo Stanton’s face than the previous no hitter he threw for the Astros in 2015.

Oh, and Fiers has been the doggiest dog shit of dog shit this season too, as he came into the game with a 6.81 ERA.

This was the sixth time the Reds have been shutout this season, and I’m blaming it solely on “Hitting Coach” Turner Ward. Must not be a lot of coaching going on because there’s definitely not any hitting (as we saw last night).

The Reds fall to 15-21 and they’re the only team in the NL Central with a losing record. A season that looked to bring a lot of hope and joy has instead evolved to another season of disappointment and misery. Luckily, we’re not even a quarter of the way through the season so these guys still have a chance to figure it out.

p.s. Good outing from Mahle last night to only give up a run through 6 innings. I shit talk the guy a lot, but he’s currently posted a 3.69 (damn she fine hopin she can sock it to me one mo time) ERA and has only had two-three rough starts. Ultimately, there’s no place in the rotation for him really though when/if Alex Wood returns from injury unless the Reds were to move on from expiring contract Tanner Roark, which would be a likely move if we are out of playoff contention at the deadline. But still..keep up the good work I guess.


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