S/O to This UNC Student For Ruining Any Chance at Success in Her Life

Why would you expose Zion Williamson like this? I get that he plays for your rival school so you have to play head games with him since he may actually play against you all in the ACC Tournament, but this girl went about this whole thing in the completely wrong way.

The ultimate head game to play with him is to go over to his big room and get big time knocked up. Nothing would mess with his game more than knowing he’s going to have to be paying child support before his rookie season is even over. But best case scenario, you go over to his big room and actually realize that he is a sweet and tender soul, and you then fall in love with him. Then that just means that you can ride that love/relationship with a soon to be NBA superstar all the way to the bank.

Way to go, dumb girl. You messed up your chance at a happy life.

Snapchat photos are easy to fake, so there’s a chance that this might not even be real. But let’s just act like it is.


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