Super Bowl Prop Bet Picks

Since I am an American citizen (birthright citizenship), I naturally love football and dumbass bets. And this Sunday just happens to be our national dumb day of gambling, the Super Bowl. There’s plenty of story lines developing for this year’s big game. The Old Bulls Brady and Belichick vs. The Young Calves Goff and McVay. Does the Patriots franchise end the way it started, with a super bowl win over the Rams? Is this game the start of the Rams dynasty? Will Gronk retire? Will I be too intoxicated to stay conscious for the game?

But despite all of these story lines, the big talk around the block is the prop bets that happen during the game. Many level to gamble on how long the national anthem will last, or the result of the coin toss. And this year, I’m joining the action. Let’s just take a sneak peek at what dumb bets I will be placing this year on Super Bowl Sunday.

Super Bowl MVP-Sony Michel +1200

New England has been dominating the ground game this postseason, and Michel has five touchdowns in their previous two games combined. The Rams defensive line will be the toughest they’ve faced yet, but I expect the Pats to not stray away from their gameplan and just pound it down the Rams throat. Hehe.

Coin Toss-Heads -105

Convince me otherwise.

National Anthem-Over 1 minute and 47 seconds

I’ve never heard Gladys Knight sing before but I bet she’s good at it. Let them pipes free.

National Anthem-Will Any Player Take a Knee? Yes +300

I honestly don’t think so but it’d be cool to see all hell break loose on twitter.

Tony Romo Correctly Predicted Play Calls-Under 7.5 -120

I’m praying he gets zero so he doesn’t ruin the fucking game for me.

Total Donald Trump Tweets on February 3rd-Under 6 EVEN

I think he’ll be too busy watching the game.

Color of Gatorade Poured on Winning Coach?-Lime/Green/Yellow +225

This is my favorite flavor.

For now, I believe this is all I’ll be taking. Unless I get slap happy and go real crazy, but I’ll keep you updated.

Oh, and go TB12.



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