How Are You Spending Your Last 14 Days Alive Without Any Money?

You don’t have any money and you’re in debt pretty bad, so you basically have absolutely no many to spend. You’ve been given 14 days left to live before a firing squad fills you with lead, ending your life. How are you spending it?

The answer for me is simple. I’d finally start playing Guitar Hero/Rock Band on Expert.

I already play on Hard and I range from 80%-90% notes hit, so I’m not amazing but I’m still good (I think). But after playing for 14 days straight, I have no doubt that I could reach the 95%-100% notes hit range on Expert level.

I truly do believe this is the best way to spend my last few days on earth. Why would I not want to be able to accomplish something like this?

Plus I may impress a few ladies with my finger speed and strength. Who wouldn’t want a back rub from a guy that got a 100% on Through The Fire and Flames? We’re talking Flash speed with Hulk strength in these fingers of gold.

What would you try to accomplish during your last day’s without any money? And if you don’t have anything left to accomplish, then how would you spend it? Let’s see if anyone can come up with any answers better than mine.


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