Make Me Cry Like a Bitch

Merry late Christmas.

During Christmas season, I tend to cry a lot due to my loneliness. Not being loved really takes a toll on someone, and since it’s towards the end of the year and the biggest holiday of the year I’m able to reflect on all the mistakes I’ve ever made, which helps me understand why I am in the position that I am in. But on top of that, there’s just something else that really gets to me. And then, I BAWL like an absolute weenie bitch.

(I don’t actually cry, but these videos are awesome. My favorites on the internet.)

My favorite ones are when they’re in the box. It’d be a lot cooler though if they had to stay in that box for like 10 days before they could surprise their loved one. It’d also be a total badass move as well.

I’m a big supporter of the military, and I am also a fan of Christmas, so these two things combined are naturally cool to me.

Again, Merry late Christmas to everyone and Happy New Years. Don’t get too fucked up.


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