I’m N Luv (Wit a Banker*)

*bank teller.

But still, I love her.

My favorite part of returning home for Christmas or summer break is every time I show my face at the US Bank down the road from my house. And the second that I always make my return, we always lock eyes instantly. You can tell that she has been waiting for her sweet boy and lover to return for a long time, and here I am. Ready to make my deposit baby.

“Hey Aaron!” she exclaims. She says it’s easy to remember my name because it’s the same as her brothers. “Hey, baby. I’m here to give you my 10.” and then I give her a wink.

I reach into my pants and I pull it out and put it in her hands. She smiles and looks me in the eyes while she takes control of it. “Only 10?” she asks.

I’m shook. Usually I give her enough to satisfy her. Someone must’ve been giving her more lately…

Although I am skeptical, I give into her demands. I give her another $5, making the total deposit $15.

She finishes filling out my deposit slip, and then asks for my debit card and ID. She takes care of business, and then she finishes me off. She gives the two items back to me, but it seems as if she isn’t quite satisfied. I usually make her so happy when I give it to her, but this time she just gave it back because she felt obligated to.

“Anything else I can help you with?” she asks me.

And it was then that I knew it was over. I could no longer satisfy her, no matter how much I gave her. I then realize that it is most likely that she found someone else to satisfy her needs during my absence. Someone that gives her enough the first time. Someone that she doesn’t have to ask for more from, because she’s satisfied after he makes his first deposit.

I become engulfed with rage. Smoke coming out of my ears, and I’m ready to cause a scene. But then I quickly snap out of it, because I realize that this was my fault. I’ve chose to go away the past few years for college, and the long distance has obviously strained our relationship. It wasn’t fair for me to put her through that, and I understand that she had needs that needed to be satisfied during my absence. Is it fair for her to put me through that? Absolutely not. But, payback’s a bitch and I am ready to accept what happened. I give her a soft smile. “No, I have nothing left to give.”

She gives a soft smile back. “Okay, Aaron. Have a nice day.”

I could tell that she no longer saw me as her lover, but instead as a guy that shares the same name as her brother.

I walked out of the bank with my head down and shoulders slumped. After getting into my car, I broke down. Not because I was no longer with her, but because I felt that she was no longer happy with her life and I felt like it was all my fault.

I still love her very much, and I’d do anything to make a deposit with her one last time. Unfortunately, I think it would be best for us if I just transferred my funds to a different bank. Or maybe just start going to a different US Bank. There’s one downtown that isn’t too far away from my home.

She may have broken my heart, but still…

I’m N Luv wit a Banker (bank teller)


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