What Kind of Man Would Shit on the Floor at a Basketball Game?

“Yahoo Sports-A man identified as 46-year-old Royce Lodholz was arrested during the Memphis-Tennessee game after he allegedly took his pants off and defecated on the floor behind a concession stand at the sold-out FedEx Forum, according to WREG’s Mitchell Koch.
Why would Lodholz do such a thing? Here’s how he apparently laid it out, per Koch: Lodholz told police officers that people in the restrooms were taking too long to clear out, so “he had to do what he had to do,” according to a police affidavit.
That’s fair enough for Lodholz, who ended up missing the third-ranked Volunteers coming out on top 102-92 thanks to 29 points from Schofield. Lodholz was reportedly taken to the local sheriff’s office on a charge of indecent exposure.”

So they only charged this man for indecent exposure? Surely to God there’s a worse charge he could get than this. Indecent exposure is a charge you catch for accidentally having to piss on the playground during your blacked out walk from the bar. Shitting behind a concession stand, WHERE FOOD COMES FROM, is just full out fucked up. This is in all honesty why I am not against the death penalty. If you defecate on the floor/ground in public, then you should have to serve 10-15 years in a maximum security prison. If you just full out shit on the floor at a sporting event, then you get 20-25 years in the prison.

AND IF YOU SHIT ON THE FLOOR NEAR ANYWHERE THAT FOOD IS MADE, then your brain should fucking fry thanks to our good friend, the electric chair.

I’m usually for second chances, but not this time. We either need to go ahead and let Royce Lodholz meet his maker, or at the very least deport him to the Bermuda Triangle. Let’s do the world a favor.


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