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If you typed in this morning, then there’s a chance that you were redirected to But judging on the way the stats for the site have looked lately, I know that you didn’t search shit and I’m having to shove this in your face just so you will notice.

So why doesn’t Loudmouth Sports exist anymore? Plain and simple. I got bored of it. Burned out. Didn’t care.

Don’t get me wrong, I love sports. I love talking about sports, I love watching every sport, but it was just so exhausting having to cover most sporting events that I didn’t even care about. And since I had to spend so much time doing the shit that I didn’t even care about, I eventually began to not even care about the shit that I should care about (in the sports world).

This site will still allow me to rant about my frustrations as a Cincinnati Bengals and Reds fan, but I’ll also get to talk about random ass events in the news, tell some hilarious stories that have happened in my short (but long and exhausting idk how much more of this shit I got left in me) 21 years of life, and share some thoughts (some crazy, some hilarious, some just fucked up) from my mind. I’ll also be able to showcase any podcasts that I may appear on, as well as promoting a new personal one that is currently in development.

At the end of the day, this site is meant for your personal entertainment. But you need to also keep in mind that this serves as my springboard to me ultimately becoming a Hollywood big shot that goes through several divorces and eventually dies in his mid-50s from a cocaine overdose.

So, here goes nothing. Welcome to Welcome to my World.

This is my favorite song of all-time.


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