The Bengals Are Officially Eliminated from the Playoffs


With Pittsburgh defeating New England yesterday, the Bengals were OFFICIALLY eliminated from the playoffs. I say officially like that, because realistically we were ended whenever this play right here happened.

Being eliminated by the Steelers twice in one season >>>>

Am I upset about us being eliminated from the playoffs? Absolutely not. I was actually cheering for us to lose against the Raiders yesterday, ya know, for the better draft pick. I am also cheering for us to lose at Cleveland next week, just so they can still stay in contention for a playoff spot too (even though that’s a long shot at this point), because who in the hell doesn’t want to see Baker Mayfield in the playoffs?

But in Week 17, if there’s a chance to play spoiler in Pittsburgh, then by all means I will be emotionally invested and I will spend the entire week praying to whatever higher power exists out there that we can beat them and find a way to fuck up their season. Kind of like how we helped the Bills out last year.

At that point, they may have already clinched the AFC North or a playoff spot, but if something is on the line then we have to win. I just want all the Steelers fans to feel some kind of pain that I’ve felt my entire life, even though the pain they’d feel would be on a much smaller scale since they still have 6 Super Bowl titles to live with and I’ve never even seen a playoff win in my entire life.

So, am I a Bengals fan? Yes. Do I want us to win next week? No. Will I watch the game? Probably not.

But like I said, if Week 17 is important for Pittsburgh, then dammit I will make it my Super Bowl.


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