I’d Like to Attempt to Play Netball

Was scrolling through the Twitter, and I found this nice little clip.

Absolutely electrifying, right? Netball. It’s basically like basketball, I guess. Plus that three point line looks close as hell, so I’d basically be Jimmer 2.0.

I don’t know any rules or anything. And I watched the netball video without the sound on, so I don’t know why that girl just randomly gave the ball back for no reason. I’m guessing that the game involves you being polite, so if the other team politely asks for the ball back you legally gotta do it.

Oh, and the pictures that I saw from the sport was all girls. I really hope that this sport won’t discriminate against me, since I made the choice to identify as a male 21-years ago. If it is all girls, then maybe I can break the barrier. So not only would I be the next Jimmer Fredette, but I guess I’d also be the next Jackie Robinson.

So, Netball fans worldwide. Please just give me a chance. If this is an all-girls sport, I’ll play on my knees just to make it even (I’m a world class athlete).

Someone get back to me with some info ASAP. I’m highly intrigued.


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