Reds Sign Iglesias Through 2021

We already had control over Iglesias through 2021 thanks to arbitration, so what this deal is doing is basically agreeing to a set price for Iggy’s services ($8million per year). This is huge for the Reds, because if Iglesias continued developing into one of the better closers in the league then he could have easily commanded more than $8mil a year from arbitration. It’s also huge for the Reds and potential trade partners, since teams now also have a set value on him and don’t have to worry about him costing them too much after arbitration.

Hopefully Iggy does finish out this deal as a Red though, and hopefully he can be our dominant closer that the team will need by the 2020 season. The Reds are on the rise, so hop on the bandwagon before it’s too late.


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