Ace’s Picks of the Day: 11/21/2018


Wisconsin -7.5 vs Stanford 2:30

Tennessee -8.5 vs Louisville 5:00

Louisville isn’t going to be very good this year, but Chris Mack will eventually get them back on track. In the meantime, Admiral Schofield is going to rough them up a bit this afternoon.

Buffalo -19 vs Dartmouth 7:00

This is just a gut pick and I don’t know anything about either team. I know that Buffalo beat Arizona in the tournament last year. I don’t know if they lost a lot of guys or not, though.

Kansas -8.5 vs Marquette 7:00

Kansas is the second best team in the country and they shouldn’t have any issues winning by at least 10.


Capitals -160 vs Blackhawks 7:00

Penguins -150 vs Stars 7:00

Lightning -165 vs Panthers 7:30

Predators -190 vs  Blues 8:00

Wild -1.5 (+115) vs Senators 8:00


Lakers -9.5 @ Cavaliers 8:00

Lebron’s returning to Cleveland. They’re awful and he’s good. He’ll probably try to punish them, just because.

Mavericks -5.5 vs Nets 8:30

Warriors -1 vs Thunder 10:30

Kevin Durant vs Russell Westbrook, again. Warriors have too much firepower to ever let Russ and company beat them.


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