Karan Higdon Has Guaranteed a Victory Over Ohio State

Normally, I absolutely love this kind of confidence. But when it comes to playing Ohio State, I can’t help but feel like something like this will come back to bite us in the ass. Ohio State has been underwhelming all season, and they’ve basically looked like they’ve been sleep walking on defense all year.

But now that their biggest rival is guaranteeing that they’re going to come into their house and beat them and end their season, they’ll probably actually come out ready to play all thanks to Higdon’s motivation.

This is an absolute, 100% must win, put your nuts on the table game for Jim Harbaugh and our program. Win this game and beat Northwestern in the Big 10 Championship, and we get into the playoffs. Lose this game, then nothing else matters and it’ll be another off=season of the “Urban owns Harbaugh” narrative.

Let’s hope our star running back is ready to come out and run the ball down the Buckeyes throats Saturday. God knows we’ll need him, especially now that he’s given Ohio State bulletin board material and they’ll be ready to come out to play.

p.s. I absolutely hate the fact that this game is in Columbus. Lord knows that the refs are going to do everything in their power to help those slimy fucks from Columbus win.

Go Blue

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