Lamar Jackson and the Ravens Probably Just Ended Our Season

After starting 4-1, our Cincinnati Bengals are now 5-5. And after today’s 21-24 loss against division rival Baltimore, it looks like our season and playoff hopes are beyond gone.

Our defense looked improved when it came to defending the pass, but I’m just convinced that it was due to Lamar only attempting 19 passes. Anyone that’s followed Lamar since his Heisman winning days at Louisville knows that he is most effective when he gets out of the pocket and is able to use his athleticism. The Ravens used Lamar a lot on designed runs, and he finished as their leading rusher with 117 yards on 27 carries. Gus Edwards also added another 115 on 17 carries.

And while Baltimore was continuously shoving the ball down our fucking throats with their rushing attack, we couldn’t even reach 50 yards on the ground. Mixon carried the ball 12 times for 14 yards, and Dalton led the team in rushing with 29 yards on two scrambles.

Despite all of this, the Bengals still had a chance to win the game in the fourth quarter. With 4 minutes left in the game and down by three, the Bengals sent Fat Randy Bullock out to attempt a 52-yarder, which missed just to the right. After a clutch stop by our defense, we had one last chance to drive the ball down the field to at least tie the game and send it to overtime. But on 4th and 3, some fucking asshole thought that it would be a good idea to have Cody fucking Core in the game. And of course, we throw it to Core. And of course, Core drops it.

The only bright spot I can really think of from today would be Tyler Boyd. Boyd hauled in four catches for 71 yards, and made multiple big plays for us when we needed someone to step up. If Boyd can continue the way he’s been playing for us this year, then he should easily be one of the best #2 options in the NFL and a sidekick to AJ Green.

Even John Ross made a big time play today when we needed one. The touchdown was Ross’ fourth of the season, and his continued improvement is needed for him to eventually have a breakout season, which for fuck sake I hope comes next year.

Sitting at 5-5, the Bengals have 6 regular season games left. We face the Browns twice, the Broncos and Raiders at home, and go on the road to play the Chargers and Steelers. If we can sweep the Browns and win our other two home games, we’ll finish the season 9-7 and still maybe have a shot to at least make the playoffs. Realistically, we’ll need to find a way to win on the road against the Chargers or the Steelers..

You already know how this season will end, right?

9-6, traveling to Pittsburgh. Win and we get the Wild Card spot.

We’ll be leading most of the game, or at least take the lead late.

And then a penalty will cost us the game.

And then I’ll probably have to kill myself.

Anyways, we’re onto Cleveland. Please, for the love of God don’t lose to the fucking Browns.


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