My take on the College Football playoff picture: SEC edition

It’s about to get interesting ladies and gentleman. These next several weeks of college football will clear up a lot of questions about the whole playoff picture. A lot of marquee matchups that could go either way and I for one could not be more excited about it. And being a Kentucky football fan, to actually have an impact in that is uncharted territory (long shot but why not dream). Here is my rundown of the SEC.


Nov 3rd will tell us a lot. Assuming Georgia beats Florida this weekend which is not for certain, next week will be basically a game to go to the title game for Georgia and Kentucky assuming they don’t slip in the final 3 weeks. Now if Florida beats Georgia and Georgia beats Kentucky, Florida would control their own destiny. However if Florida where to slip up in that scenario and lose to Mizzu, which is the only team that could really beat them last 3 weeks, then you could have a coin flip for who wins the east. What a cluster fuck that would be.

Now for the West it’s simple, whoever wins Bama and LSU is in the title game. Now if you want chaos imagine this scenario…. LSU beats bama and goes on to win title game and beats whoever it is from the east, does the committee give Bama a bid? This situation might work it way out but if Clemson, Notre Dame keep winning that’s 2 spots right there. The big question would be would Bama bump a big ten team or a big 12 team? Or maybe Notre Dame.

I love having these debates this time a year but I wish college football would get their head out of their ass and make it an 8 team playoff.



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