Rugby Player Continues Playing With Smashed Testicle

“ In his Otago side’s 23-19 win over Waikato in New Zealand, Nareki had to play the last two minutes of the game with the rather unusual injury.

The 20-year-old wing had been substituted after about an hour because of the issue but needed to get back on the pitch after team-mate Mitchell Scott went off injured, with Otago trying to hold on for victory.

“It was just a direct blow on the bulls-eye,” Otago coach Ben Herring told Newshub. “I don’t know who it was and he probably doesn’t either.

“He came off, but when there were injuries in the game, he had to come back on with his smashed testicle, which was operated on.

“If you know Jona, he’s a particularly buoyant fella, but the comment was, ‘don’t worry mate, it’s just a small operation’.”

I’m guessing a small operation is a small penis joke. Haha, I get it.

But talk about the balls (no pun intended) on this guy to come back in and finish the game despite taking one right in the sack. If I even get flicked in the balls, it’s impossible for me to operate as a normal human for 3-5 business days. This guy gets his literally smashed, gets it operated on (probably just glued it together or something), and comes back in to help his team finish off the win.

God bless you, Jona Nareki. I’ve never watched rugby before, but now I may start all thanks to you.


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