Cowboys Week 6 Recap vs Jags

Well I didn’t see that coming. Ranked almost dead last in every offensive statistic and come out looking like world beaters. I think it’s pretty safe to say now Dak is the next Joe Montana and Cole Beasley is the modern day Jerry Rice.

Obviously kidding….

A few thoughts…..

Defense has another shut down performance only allowing 7 points the entire game and making Bortles look like the bum that he is. Jeff Heath had a bounce back game after getting burnt like a piece of toast last week. David Irving was disrupting passing left and right which was a great thing to see.

Gotta give a big shout out to Dak today. The guy has taken a lot of criticism this year, some warranted some not, but he played great today. Say what you want about to the guy but he can avoid sacks about as good as any QB in the league. I loved how the coaches got Dak more involved running the ball today. With the lack of WR weapons that may be what this offense has to lean on at times.

Hell of a win, on to the Deadskins.


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