I Am 100% on Jimmy Butler’s Side

“Sports Illustrated- All-Star Jimmy Butler put on a show — the NBA loves its drama — at his first Minnesota Timberwolves practice of the season on Wednesday.
He yelled at teammates and coaches and cursed at a front-office staffer.’

I would without a doubt yell at my co-workers and bosses if I had to live in Minnesota during the winter.

“At practice, according to ESPN, Butler told general manager Scott Layden, “You (expletive) need me. You can’t win without me.” He exchanged words with Karl-Anthony Towns, and it’s no secret Butler doesn’t see eye to eye with the 22-year-old star or 23-year-old teammate Andrew Wiggins. Butler also took a group of third stringers and beat the first team, ESPN reported.”

I can’t help but imagine that the conversation with Karl-Anthony Towns wen’t something along the lines of “you’re a talented weak ass bitch, I’m an OG mother fucker and I would easily snap your neck.” And Jimmy Butler won a game playing with a bunch of third stringers? It sounds like he channeled his Chicago days.

Butler has been demanding a trade all off-season, and the Timberwolves were close to a deal with the Heat before talks fell through. Butler ultimately needs to keep this behavior up, because by doing so his teammates will either buy in and they’ll win, or they’ll all eventually get tired of him and then have no choice but to trade him.

Keep doing your thing, Jimmy. And the Timberwolves better figure something out. I wouldn’t want to fuck with this guy too much.


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