Bud Dupree Basically Admitted That He Was Trying to Hurt Bengals Players After the Shazier Injury, and THAT’S Why I Hate the Steelers

If you read any of my posts then you know that I absolute cannot stand the Pittsburgh Steelers. I can’t stand the rapist Big Ben. I can’t stand the receiver Antonio Brown, yes the one that throws shit at babies apparently. I can’t stand the linebacker that targets the heads of defenseless players, even though he himself will probably never play football again.

But now you can add Bud Dupree to the list. I understand not seeing the play or the replay, but exactly how stupid do you have to be to think that a guy laying down right where the receiver was tackled was blindsided?

I’m guessing Dupree’s stupidity contributed to the injury that Joe Mixon suffered later in the first half.

Fuck Bud Dupree. And fuck the Steelers. Hell, even the Pirates too. I’ll never forgive the city of Pittsburgh for what they did to Cueto in that 2013 Wild Card game.

Sunday’s matchup between our AFC North rival will be the first since that crazy MNF game last season, and I certainly know of one linebacker that was blindsided that is looking for some revenge.

S/O to that Steelers fan for running and crying. Try to protect your precious JuJu all you want but Burfict will literally kill the guy as soon as they step on the field Sunday.

Who Dey.


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