An Obvious Statement: John Dorsey is a Pretty Good GM

“Yeah, dude. John Dorsey is a good GM. The sky is blue. Thanks a lot dumbass”

Above is a tweet that I’m expecting to see shortly after this is posted.

Yeah, I knew John Dorsey was the real deal. It’s only week 6 and the guy has the Cleveland Browns sitting at .500 on the season. What I didn’t realize though was all the talent that he was able to bring in back during his Kansas City days. And these guys fired him???

The guy is basically the main responsibility for the Chiefs offense being this good, and if they were somehow able to win a Super Bowl, then he better be the one recognized above anyone else.

As a Bengals fan, I’m scared shitless knowing this guy is in our division. I would honestly kill myself if we were to become the worst NFL team in Ohio.


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