After Seeing Jarrett Allen Block Blake Griffin’s Dunk Attempt, I Now Have No Expectations for the Pistons This Season

As a Pistons fan, we haven’t had much to cheer for since the mid-2000s. However, with the arrival of new head coach Dwane Casey, a healthy Reggie Jackson, and Blake Griffin having a full off-season with the team, I was kind of optimistic about this upcoming season. When I say optimistic about the upcoming season, I’m talking about maybe earning a 7 or 8 seed in the East. Hell, maybe even a 6 seed.

But nah, fuck all of that. After seeing our best player (arguably) get embarrassed by Jarrett fucking Allen, all hope for this upcoming season has been thrown out the window. Mid-October through mid-April in the NBA will just be another pointless time during my life, where nothing matters because my team is irrelevant and pointless.

Please, Blake. Please become the old you. I need this Blake in Detroit.

Not the one that gets humiliated by Jarrett Allen.


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