Earl Thomas Flipping Off His Sideline Is Kind of Baller, But It’s Also Kind of Sad

The tweet above basically says it all. Earl Thomas wanted to hold out and not play until he was paid, just in case something happened and he got hurt. Thomas ended up coming back and guess what? He got hurt.

When being carted off the field in an air cast, Earl had a message for the entire Seahawks organization. On his trip off the field, ET went ahead and let the Seahawks know to go fuck themselves.

That’s what makes this a baller move. On live tv and with millions watching, Earl Thomas voiced (fingered?) his opinion to everyone. Fuck. The. Seahawks.

What makes this a sad move? Well, Earl Thomas was due for a big contract this off-season and his future is now uncertain because of the injury.

Damn, if only NFL players had guaranteed contracts that’d help them out in these career altering situations.


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