Woman Arrested Because She Apparently Threatened to Blow Up 7/11 –  Crystal Mostek, 33, walked into the store in Virginia Beach and allegedly placed a device on the counter and told a store employee it was a bomb, WAVY reported.
She reportedly threatened to blow up the store with the item, which was later determined not to be a bomb, according to a Virginia Beach Fire Department spokesperson.
Mostek was booked in the Virginia Beach jail and charged with threatening to bomb or damage buildings and possession of a hoax explosive device.
During an arraignment on Thursday, Mostek claimed she’s not guilty and the charges are false, WTKR reported. Her attorney is reportedly looking into whether she needs mental health treatment.”

Who was the better Joker?


Heath Ledger?

jared leto

Jared Leto?

joaquin phoenix joker

Joaquin Phoenix?


Or Crystal Mostek?

And do you believe Crystal Mostek when she stated that these charges are false? Well, no. I don’t. She definitely threatened to blow this 7/11 up.

Oh and does she need mental health treatment? Yeah, no shit. You can attempt it if you want but I believe our buddy Crystal is too far gone.



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