Kevin Garnett’s Former Accounting Firm Refuses to Take the Blame for $77 Million Loss –  Kevin Garnett‘s former accounting firm is demanding the NBA legend’s $77 million lawsuit be thrown out, saying they didn’t cause him to lose millions and claim to have only met him once.
Earlier this month, Garnett sued his Kentucky-based accounting firm, Welenken CPAs, and its partner, Michael A. Wertheim. Garnett accused the firm of being aware that a third-party money manager, Charles Banks IV, stole $77 million from KG over the years and did nothing about it.
Banks was sentenced last year to four years in prison over allegations he defrauded fellow NBA star Tim Duncan out of millions.”

If Charles Banks IV, who already sounds like a scam artist/thieving bitch, defrauded Tim Duncan then he without a doubt stole from KG too. So if KG’s lawsuit against Welenken CPAs doesn’t work out, then I’m sure he can just go after Banks and get something back. Would it be a lot? Hell no. The guy definitely lost everything in the Duncan case, which is why KG is going after the firm that allegedly knew what was going on. Because he needs to get some of that $$$$$$$ back.

If I’m the firm, I’m giving Garnett anything he wants plus more. 0.00% chance that I want to deal with this crazy beast.


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