Baltimore Orioles Set a Team Record After 3-19 Loss to the Boston Red Sox

In Game 1 of the Baltimore and Boston Double Header yesterday, the Orioles suffered a 3-19 loss like usual. The loss made it 112 on the season, which happens to set a Baltimore Orioles franchise record. The 2018 Baltimore Orioles surpassed the 1939 St. Louis Browns, who suffered 111 losses. I remember that season like it was yesterday, and much like the 2018 Orioles, they were a very laughable squad. I bet against them almost every. single. day.

One bright spot for the Orioles: their winning percentage is .008 higher than the 1939 Browns, but there’s still plenty of baseball left for them to fuck that up too.

Good luck to Baltimore in 2019! And probably in 2020! And probably for the rest of time!


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