BREAKING: Kelly Bryant is Transferring

A day after Clemson named True-Freshman quarterback Trevor Lawrence the starter, redshirt senior QB Kelly Bryant informed head coach Dabo Swinney that he is out, reports Greenville News.

It’s not fair to say Kelly Bryant wasn’t a good game manager, or even a good quarterback, because he was. He was 15-2 as a starter, and 15-1 in games where he played the entire game. He just didn’t have that IT factor. He was good, not great. It’s tremendously hard to follow after Deshaun Watson, especially when you have the same prototype, and feel. With the redshirt year, Bryant will have one year of eligibility left.

What this means for Lawrence: this is his show now. No one to split reps with. This is what he needs. He looks like he’s a redshirt junior out there slinging the ball around.

I can’t wait to watch TL throw the thing around the yard.


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