The NFL Paridy is Real

Everyone having a punchers chance. That’s the way the league was designed. After 3 weeks of watching NFL this year I think it’s fair to say that no one is really that good (maybe beside the Rams who are a wagon). Week after week you never know what’s gonna happen. Did anyone predict the Bills as 16.5 point underdogs going into Minnesota and winning? Hell no! Not even those dumbasses that jump through tables saw that coming. On the same note who saw the Browns having a better record than the Patriots after 3 weeks? Yeah you read that sentence correct.

I believe this will be a year that 9-7, hell maybe even 8-8 could get you in as a wild card in the NFC and AFC. I think everyone is going to beat up on each other all year which in my opinion makes it fun to watch. Unlike College Football where you just know Alabama is gonna win it all.

Kings stay Kings and NFL is king.


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