Ace’s Picks: 2018-19 NBA Futures

The start of the NBA season is just a few weeks away, so in honor of it we’re going to be taking a look at some future bets that you all may be interested in taking (if you’re interested in making money). Let’s go.

Utah Jazz over 49.5 Wins (-130)

The Jazz registered 48 wins last season, and they didn’t lose anybody that contributed to the team last year. They didn’t really gain anything, but I’m counting on their best player, Donovan Mitchell, to be improved enough to help his team win at least two more games.


Detroit Pistons over 38 Wins (-120)

My Pistons biggest acquisition of the off-season was definitely when they went out and got the recently fired Dwane Casey, who won Coach of the Year in the NBA last year. He’s going to have BG and Drummond playing well together, and with Reggie Jackson coming back from injury, there’s no way this team is below .500

blake griffin.jpg

Lakers over 48.5 Wins (-120)

I know the West is really tough, and the Lakers haven’t been any good in a long time. But I feel like Lebron alone is worth probably 40 wins. With a young core of Ingram, Kuzma, and Ball plus with the help of the veterans Rondo, Beasley, Stephenson, and McGree, I think the Lakers win total will be somewhere in the low 50’s.

bron lakers.jpg

Portland Trail Blazers over 42 Wins (-120)

This is basically the same exact explanation I had for Utah. They have the same roster as last year, and last year they were able to win 49 games. Dame and CJ McCollum will probably get this win total by themselves.


Cleveland Cavaliers over 30.5 Wins (-115)

So they lost Lebron, which is kind of a big deal. Kevin Love takes over as the Cavs main star, and they have a decent enough cast to win AT LEAST 31 games. Since the East is still pretty weak, they may actually have a chance at making the playoffs too.


Sacramento Kings over 26 Wins (+105)

The Kings won 27 games last year. An improved De’Aaron Fox and Willie Cauley-Stein, plus the addition of Marvin Bagley, should help the Kings get to at least 27 wins again.


Denver Nuggets over 47.5 Wins (-105)

The Nuggets finished the season with 46 wins last year, and this year I believe they can win somewhere in the mid 50’s thanks to the improvement of Gary Harris, Jamal Murray, and Nikola Jokic. The Nuggets also drafted Michael Porter Jr, who many thought was the most talented player in the draft. If he’s able to come back from his injury, then he can be a dangerous weapon for the Nuggets. They also signed Isaiah Thomas, who can be a key player off their bench if he gets healthy enough to compete too.


Lebron James MVP (+333)

Duh. At least worth putting money on.

Anthony Davis MVP (+400)

The Brow always puts up monstrous numbers. If he can lead the Pelicans to the playoffs again, expect him to be in consideration for winning the MVP.

anthony davis.jpg

Kawhi Leonard MVP (+1000)

There’s a serious chance that Kawhi takes over the East and and leads the Raptors to the 1 seed with the help of Lowry and Valanciunas, even though I think that it’ll be the Celtics that get the 1 seed. But with this kind of value, go ahead and throw some on The Claw.


Collin Sexton Rookie of the Year (+700)

If Sexton can help the Cavs get to the playoffs without Lebron, then he deserves consideration for Rookie of the Year.


Kevin Knox Rookie of the Year (+750)

Knox has drawn Kevin Durant comparisons with his ability to score in volume. The Knicks definitely won’t be winners this year, but if Knox’s numbers are good enough then it’ll be hard to keep him out of consideration.

knox knicks.jpg

Lonnie Walker Rookie of the Year (+2500)

Never know. Maybe Coach Pop can turn this guy into a superstar.


Mitchell Robinson Rookie of the Year (+8500)

This guy has crazy talent. I know it’s a long shot for this bet to win, but with those odds you don’t have to put too much on this bet to make a pretty nice profit for yourself.

robinson knicks.jpg


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