So, the Bengals Lost

Our Cincinnati Bengals are now 2-1, which means we aren’t going to go 16-0. Luckily, we’re going to go 15-1.

Cincy lost at Carolina 31-21, so before we move on to Atlanta, let’s talk about why we lost.

John Ross

Feed him to me. I’m going to go ahead and throw the bust label on this guy, because he hasn’t done shit yet in his career. People are talking about how inconsistent Ross has been so far, which is just a flat out lie. He’s always been consistent at sucking. Checkout the last Dalton turnover that ended the game for us.

Right now, I have some serious “fuck this guy” feelings. Hopefully Ross will  pick up his play to shut me up. But until then, fuck this guy.

Tyler Boyd

Boyd has been playing some really good football this year, and it’s clear he’s our #2 guy behind AJ. Yesterday, Boyd hauled in 6 catches for 132 yards and a touchdown. That gives Boyd 15 catches for 249 yards and 2 touchdowns. Keep showing out, beast.

Sam Hubbard

I can’t find the videos anywhere, but Hubbard missed out on making two big plays for us. He didn’t recover a fumble after a Dunlap strip sack, and then he wasn’t able to fully block a punt despite getting his hand on it and tipping it. The result after these two plays? We were pinned inside the 20 instead of having the ball around midfield or better.

Am I upset with Hubbard? No. Just disappointed. But he’s a rookie, so as long as he continues to improve we should be just fine.

AJ Green

Green had 5 receptions for 58 yards in yesterday’s game, but unfortunately couldn’t find the endzone for the first time this season. Green left the game due to a groin injury, but he should be fine for the rest of the year.

Andy Dalton

He threw four interceptions yesterday. Not talking about it. He’ll be fine.


We have a huge, must win bounce back game Sunday in Atlanta. Except our receivers to have a field day, considering the fact that ATL is banged up in the secondary.

Oh yeah, and this guy is returning. Get ready for personal fouls and total badassery.



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