Browns and Cardinals Officially Name the Rookies as Starters

First off, no shit that Baker’s the starter in Cleveland. The guy won them their first game since 2016, and if he wasn’t named the starter then Hue Jackson should’ve been fired and placed in a mental institution.

Baker came in after Tyrod Taylor was injured in the 2nd quarter, and he immediately led them to a field goal to end the half. The Heisman Trophy winner finished with a 73.9% completion percentage and 201 yards through the air. He also added a two point conversion thanks to the play that you all call “Philly Special” even though Clemson was the first one to do it way way way back. That’s just me being mad at the internet while also proving I have the memory of an elephant.

Cleveland travels to Oakland to take on the dumpster fire Raiders, so they have a chance to actually put together a winning streak….weird.

After starting 0-3, the Arizona Cardinals have decided to bench glass bones Sam Bradford and turn to the rookie Josh Rosen. It’s hard to really have any expectations for Rosen, since his team is so so so so so so so so so so so so so so bad. The Cardinals turned to Rosen on the last drive of the week against the tough Chicago defense, thinking he’d be able to lead them to the promise land to win them the game. Instead, we all got the result that we expected.

If Rosen can stay healthy and win 2-3 games for the Cardinals, then you have to consider his rookie season a success. Will he complete both of those tasks? Probably not, but oh well. If he doesn’t pan out in the league, he can just blame the entire organization instead and not just himself/poor play.

The Cardinals face division opponent Seattle at home this upcoming week, and I don’t really have a prediction for Rosen’s performance but I do know the Seahawks will win the game pretty easily. I WILL predict an Earl Thomas interception though, and you can take that to the bank

Now that Baker and Rosen have been named starters, there’s only one QB that was drafted in the 2018 first round who still has the back-up tag, and he’s still getting some playing time in different roles for his team. Maybe we’re entering a new age of Golden Era Quarterbacks in the NFL? Only time will tell.



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