Are the Browns a Wagon?

You know when you see a sports moment where your like I’ll remember where I was when this happened? Well watching the Browns get their first win in what seemed like an eternity last night against the jets at home with a rookie QB was one of those moments. It was pandemonium in Cleveland last night with the free beers flowing left and right and looked like a super bowl celebration. It was kind of cool to see all those fans get that losing money off their back, only to most likely return to their losing ways next week.

On the bright side for Browns nation is Baker. The game changed as soon as he jogged on the field. Evading sacks and throwing darts to receivers, as Troy said in the broadcast he looked like a young Tony Romo and I agree with that comparison.

So congrats Browns you finally did it. Especially happy for Bob Weily. He may be my favorite human on earth.


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