NFL Week 2 Recap

Week 2 of the NFL is now in the books, and my Bengals are still 2-0. Oh, and my fantasy team is now 1-1, so that’s good news too. Week 2 was eerily similar to Week 1, as we got Zane Gonzalez missing clutch kicks, a game ending in a tie because kickers SUCK, Ryan Fitzpatrick continues to play out of his mind, and the Cincinnati Bengals scored 34 points. There’s plenty of more exciting shit that happened this week in the NFL, let’s dig in and recap the entire week.

Bengals 34 Ravens 23

In week one, the Bengals defeated the Colts 34-23. In week two, the Bengals defeated the Ravens 34-23. Weird. But here’s an interesting stat for all of us Cincy fans.

With our luck, we’ll end up like the 2011 Bills. But history is on our side, so let’s not fuck it up.

Dalton had another solid performance, throwing for 265 yards and 4 touchdowns (three of which were to AJ Green in the first half). Dalton’s other touchdown was caught by Tyler Boyd, who had a huge night with 6 receptions and 92 yards. Mixon was able to average 4 YPC, but will unfortunately be out for a few weeks due to a knee injury. Now that the focal point of our rushing attack is gone, I’m anxious to see how our offense will perform at Carolina this week. Bengals are 2-0, which means we’re just 14 games away from 16-0. Let’s keep the train rolling.

Vikings 29 Packers 29

Another tie?!?!?! And it’s all because of a kicker?!?!?! Oh well.

Daniel Carlson went 0 for 3 on the day for the Minnesota Vikings, which ultimately cost them the game. What happens when you go 0 for 3 and you cause your team to not win the game?

On the bright side for Viking fans, it looks like Kirk Cousins is worth the money. Cousins threw for 425 yards and 4 touchdowns, and it appears that he’s “gelling” well with Diggs, Thielen, and Kyle Rudolph. Minnesota will be a force to be reckoned with, and they’re my pick to win the NFC North once again.

Oh, and Aaron Rodgers wore a big ass knee brace and played find. Told you all I wasn’t buying this “injured” garbage.

Saints 21 Browns 18

Kickers gonna Kick (and miss). I know we’ve talked about it a lot on this blog just because it’s hilarious, so we won’t go too in depth on the entire kicker missing clutch field goals things with Zane Gonzalez and the Cleveland Browns.

Cleveland’s defense once again looked solid once again, limiting the explosive New Orleans offense to 21 points. But what’d you expect from a defense led by this guy? Of course they’re going to be good.

The Browns also continue to prove that they really aren’t THAT bad anymore. They’ll eventually get their shit figured out and start winning games, but until then, keep them Bud Light Victory Fridges locked.

browns fridge.jpg

Chiefs 42 Steelers 37

Patrick Mahomes is proving that he’s the real deal while the Pittsburgh Steelers prove that they are hot garbage. Mahomes had more touchdowns (6) then he did incomplete passes (5). He also did a great job facilitating the ball to all of his receivers, as he threw touchdowns to Travis Kelce (2 of them), Tyreek Hill, Chris Conley, Kareem Hunt, and Demarcus Robinson. Kansas City takes on San Francisco next week, so football fans will be getting treated with a match up of two of the better young quarterbacks in the league when we get to see Mahomes vs Jimmy G.

And for Pittsburgh? Still no Le’Veon. And now, you got AB wanting to be traded.

Also, I think it’s pretty clear that the Steelers have a Twitter problem.

I’m just going to sit back and enjoy the shit show that’s developing in Pittsburgh. Maybe they’ll be able to get their shit together and salvage their season, but I highly doubt it will happen.

Buccaneers 27 Eagles 21

Ryan Fitzpatrick is playing like a mad man, and there’s no stopping him now. Fitzy tossed for over 400 yards, again, and topped it off with 4 touchdowns, again. And against the defending Super Bowl Champions?!?!?!

If I’m an Eagles fan, I’m not too worried about this game. They had to go on the road and face the hottest quarterback in the league (if Mahomes is the hottest, then Fitzpatrick is 2nd. Hottest is being based off of their play lately, and has nothing to do with their appearance). Even though Philly lost, the Eagles did get some good news back and have something to look forward to for their Week 3 game against the Colts.

So yeah, thanks Nick Foles for winning us a Super Bowl. Here’s your hat, and here’s your clipboard. Get your ass back on the sideline!


Jaguars 31 Patriots 20

In the rematch of the AFC Championship, Jacksonville got their revenge (I guess) on the Patriots. Bortles outplayed Brady (huh?), and Jacksonville’s defense basically dominated all day. Jacksonville limited Gronk to only two receptions, which helped expose what we all knew about the Patriots. Their receiving core is a MAJOR struggle. Chris Hogan is a solid option, but he’s far from a #1 threat. Edelman is still serving his suspension for PED use, so he still has a couple of weeks to go before he returns. Man, if only the Patriots could trade for someone to really give their WR core a major boost. Oh well.




Wait, what?

Well, I guess that works. Gordon is also apparently healthy enough to take the field this upcoming week for the Patriots. Are there huge expectations for him? Duh. But realistically, I don’t see him producing at all for awhile. He still has to learn the system, and he still has to develop that chemistry that Brady loves to have with his receivers, so until then I don’t see Flash being anything more than a decoy. This is still a huge acquisition for New England, and he’ll play a vital role in their playoff run this year.



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