Carolina Panthers Week 2 Review

The banged up and bruised Carolina Panthers went to Atlanta Sunday and left with a disappointing performance and unfortunately a loss.

The Panthers defense looked like hot garbage all day. LK had his share of tackles, where he had 8, and James Bradberry had 7, but the biggest downfall of the entire game was that the Panthers had 0 sacks the entire game. Not one. The secondary got exposed in some spots of the game, and Thomas Davis’ presence was definitely missed.

The receiving core was another down point in the game. When your RUNNING BACK ties the FRANCHISE RECORD for RECEPTIONS in a game, you’ve got to have a reality check if your a Panthers receiver. Not taking anything away from CMC, I love him, and all he brings to the table, but good Lord Funchess just isn’t a WR1 no matter how bad we want him to be. Jarrius Wright looked good, and Torrey Smith even caught a touchdown. Believe it or not we threw the ball to our FIRST ROUND DRAFT PICK for the first time and he takes it 51 yards to the house. (Not going to talk about the last play of the game).

Donte Jackson picked off his first pass of his career, which will lead to many, many more. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I love this dude, his swagger, his trash talk, and his presence is felt on the field.

Next up, the 2-0 Cincinnati Bengals come to BOA this Sunday. #KeepPounding


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