Antonio Brown Doesn’t Show Up for Practice After “Trade Me” Tweet

It’s week 2 and the Steelers still haven’t won a game. Well, the Bengals are 2-0 and we lead the AFC North. Sorry Pittsburgh fans, but I can’t really relate to what you’re going through! Oh well!

Do I feel bad for you? No.

Your quarterback is old as shit, your running back doesn’t want to show up because he thinks he’s worth more than what he really is, and now your receiver wants to get the hell out of town. Mike Tomlin has officially lost control of this entire organization. Fire his ass! Cut Big Ben! Trade Bell and AB!

And for those who thought AB was just talking out of his ass……..

He tweets trade me, and then doesn’t show up. What else do you need to get rid of the guy?

Sorry Pittsburgh, you did it to yourself (for being awful humans). Clear house, take your decade of misery, shove it up your ass, and try again here soon.


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