Browns Fans are Showing Zane Gonzalez That Kicking Isn’t That Hard

The snap..the kick..SPLITS THE UPRIGHTS AND IT’S GOOD!!!!!

Browns fans did not hesitate after yesterday’s loss to go ahead and start going at Zane Gonzalez’ neck. What’s the best way to show a kicker that his job isn’t that hard? Go ahead and do his job for him!

So now he apparently has an injury? I’m calling horseshit. If he would’ve made these kicks, then you wouldn’t be hearing a thing about his groin. But since he missed it, he has to find an excuse. A way out. A scapegoat. It’s not my fault!!! It’s my groin’s fault!!!

Kids these days make me sick. Own up to your fuck up and handle it like a man! Back in my day we got the job done and didn’t complain about a single thing!


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