Cowboys Week 1 Recap @Carolina

Well that sucked. The boys opened the season on the road as a 3 point dog against a team that went to the playoffs last year. In theory you would think losing that game and being the first game of the year wouldn’t be that big of a deal, but it’s the way they looked that had cowboys fans worried. The offense looks abysmal all day long not even crossing mid field in the first half. The O-line couldn’t get Dak any protection and the chemistry with the new receivers wasn’t there. Overall just a shitty game, and throw in the fact direct TV decided to black out the game in the middle of the fourth quarter to show Dolphins vs Titans back from a rain delay didn’t make it any better. Get your shit together Direct! Anyway here are some points I want to touch on.


This was an afternoon to forget for #4. I see everyone online blasting him for the loss and the struggles offensively, and while he didn’t play good it wasn’t all his fault. The pocket pretty much collapsed on almost every play and the play calling was very predictable. I think Dak not playing the third and fourth pre season game in hindsight might have been a mistake. Especially when you are trying to gain chemistry with a whole new group of wide receivers. We’ll see if he can bounce back at home against the Giants next week.

The Defense

Probably the only bright spot yesterday was the defense. Allowing only 16 points is pretty impressive, especially since they were on the field the entire afternoon. I loved what I saw from our front four, and that was without Randy Gregory who was out with a concussion. Rod Marinelli has done a great job making this not just a bend don’t break defense, but a D you can rely on the get stops.


The clapper strikes again. If I have to watch this guy clap when we make a mistake and look like a robot again I’m going to throw up. The play calling yesterday was sickening, and that is putting it nicely. Why do we insist on being a passing team when we have Zeke?! Does he know we no longer have Romo? This team has to regain its identity from a couple years ago when we went 13-3 and run it down peoples throat and control the time of possession. Garrett is clearly on the hot seat. I think it’s playoffs or bust for ole clapper.

Bring on the G-men……


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