Dale’s Fantasy Corner: Week One Start em/ Sit em

Welcome back to the the corner Loudmouth community and fantasy football junkies! Its finally start time to prepping for week one. Most people I assume have already had their drafts by now so you’ve had plenty of time to sit there and play around with your lineup a little bit, maybe send out a few BS trades to the newbies in your league or receive them. This season I will be providing you every week with guys I like that particular week and guys you should probably place on your bench. By the way these rankings will be based on PPR scoring. Also I’m skipping kickers because I believe those are a complete dart throw.

Start em- 


  • Cam Newton vs DAL – Although he is going against my boys, I think Cam will be be out to torch our banged up secondary. Dallas does have a good front four, but i could also see this game being a shoot out.
  • Ben Rothlisberger @CLE- Potentially without Bell who has yet to show up to practice, I could see Ben slinging this game. You just cant overlook the amount of weapon that Pittsburgh offense has even without potentially Bell. Also its against the Browns so there’s that.
  • Philip Rivers vs KC – Going up against a down KC D at home, I could see a big game from Rivers. I also think having Mike Williams healthy this year will give him a big boost in fantasy this year.

Running Back –

  • Dalvin Cook vs SF– First game back from a torn ACL last year, this guy has been waiting to get out there tear it up. Going up against a decent SF defense at home, I see Mike Zimmer giving Cook the boat load of carries and even targets from Cousins.
  • Joe Mixon @IND – Indy has never had a history of having a steller D, also he is going to be the centerpiece of that Cincy offense this year so I’m all in on Mixon.
  • Royce Freeman vs SEA – This is not your normal Seattle defense people. I love this matchup at home plus Denver likes to run the ball and run the ball. I have a man crush on Royce Freeman this year.

Wide Receivers-

  • Chris Hogan vs HOU– With Edelman out for four games, Hogan is going to go off. In what is liable to be a shoot out game against Houston, I love this play.
  • Nelson Agholor vs ATL – Even with Wentz out for this game, this is about the only Philly receiver I like. I see a lot of targets heading Agholor’s way Thursday night.
  • Robert Woods vs OAK-  Its going to take time for Cooks to get comfortable in that offense I believe. Goff is going to go after a guy he knows a trust. Woods is a safe bet for a TD Monday night if you are looking for a last minute WR3 or flex play.

Tight End-

  • Jack Doyle vs CIN –  Neck beard finally has Luck back (who also has a neck beard). Doyle is a good bet for a TD.
  • Evan Engram vs JAX – While Ramsey and Odell are having it out on the outside, that only leaves Engram open in the middle of the field. Start him.
  • Kyle Rudolph vs SF- Cousins loves TE’s and Rudolph is a good one.

Defense/Special Teams- 

  • Detroit @NYJ– Going against a rookie in his first start.
  • Tennessee @MIA – Miami isnt worth a damn this year and Tannehill sucks.
  • New Orleans vs TB – Ryan Fitzpatrick

Sit Em

Quarterback –

  •  Russell Wilson @DEN – I don’t love Wilson this week. At Denver in which is liable to be a low scoring game, stay away from Wilson if you can.
  • Andrew Luck vs CIN– I’m still in wait and see mode with Luck. Also Cincy to have a real defense this year. Lets see Luck put a good game together before I start to believe again.
  • Jimmy Garoppolo @MIN –  Going across country to play a steller defense on a 1pm kick doesnt usually fair well. Stear clear of Jimmy G this week.

Running Back-

  • Saquan Barkley vs JAX –  Not saying I don’t like the rookie back this year, this is just a match up from hell. Obviously you gotta start him because he would most likely your first round pick but don’t expect much.
  • Matt Breida @MIN – This is another bad matchup. Also I would like to see how Shanahan uses these backs after Mckinnon went down last week.
  • Marshawn Lynch vs LAR – Going against the best front four in football, put the skittles on the shelf this week.

Wide Receivers- 

  • Bradin Cooks @OAK- First real game in a new system, I think he falls third in targets in this game behind Cupp and Woods.
  • Stefon Diggs vs SF – Most likely to be on Sherman island this game, I see Cousins looking Thielen’s way a lot in this game.
  • Larry Fitzgerald vs WAS – Sherman island and Quarterback sucks.

Tight End- 

  • Jordan Reed @ARI – Probably will get a concussion on the first play.
  • David Njoku vs PIT – Cant catch.
  • Tyler Eifert @IND – Will probably get hurt walking to the stadium.

Defense/Special Teams-

  • Carolina vs DAL –  Going to be a shoot out game.
  • New England vs HOU-  Shoot out game. Watson is about to ball out.
  • Pittsburgh @CLE  – Baring a ton of turn overs from Tyrod, Pittsburgh D sucks and this aint your Browns of the past.

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