Ace’s Business Ideas: Sun-N-One

Alright, so picture this. It’s a hot summer day and you’re lounging poolside with your blue-eyed, blonde hair, fair skinned friend. The sun is pounding down on you relentlessly, and you know that a burn is coming. You begin to fumble around your pool bag looking for your sunblock. After wasting a minute or two by trying to locate your sunscreens, you finally find two of the bottles.

SPF 15 and SPF 30? This crap isn’t strong enough to keep you from getting burnt. You remember that you did bring a third bottle of sunblock, though. You immediately get back to searching through the bag, and after wasting more time you finally discover the bottle.

SPF 100?!?!?! You’re definitely not getting burnt, but you’re definitely not getting a tan either. You most definitely meant to bring the SPF 80, but it’s hard to keep up with all of these different sunscreen bottles at once.

Man, if only there was a more efficient way to store your sunscreen while keeping up with it all times.

Well, what if I told you that there is a better way to store your sunscreen and it’s coming to you soon? Loudmouth Sports presents Sun-N-One, a multichamber sunscreen container.

With Sun-N-One, you can bring your SPF 15, SPF 30, SPF 80, and SPF 100 all in one bottle. The advantages of one bottle? Well, let’s run through them really quick.

With a bottle of Sun-N-One, you will be able to:

  • save time by not having to fumble through your bag for hours/days. Reach in, find your one bottle, and get to applying the sunscreen.
  • have much more free room in your bag! Only one bottle with four sunscreens, or four bottles with four sunscreens? The choice is yours. With the extra room in your bag, you’re now freed up to carry many different items (ranging from beer cans all the way to toilet seat covers [for you folks that are scared to poop in public]).

How do you get the certain sunscreen you want out without all of the sunscreen from the other 3 SPF’s coming out? It’s like a rotating lid thing, I guess. It makes sense. Just one opening, you rotate the lid until it clicks on the opening you want it on, and then you squeeze. It’s kind of like one of those pens with many colors.

colored pens.jpg

This is a TOTALLY real idea, and I know that this product can be successful with your help. Please contact me on Twitter @LoudmouthAce to find out how to donate. I can almost GUARANTEE you that I will put your money towards building this brilliant idea, and I can also almost PROMISE you that I won’t use your donations to fuel my gambling issues.

Thank you all, and god bless.


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