Homer Bailey.

It’s almost September, and for us Cincinnati Reds fans that means that the season ahs been over for a few months. But still, there’s something that irks this fanbase more and more every day. His name is Homer Bailey.

Homer Bailey has sucked some serious ass over the past couple of years, and he just keeps getting worse and worse. This season, Homer Bailey is 1-12 with a 6.17 ERA. You don’t have to be a big-time baseball fan to know that these are some pretty shitty numbers. Why haven’t the Reds just cut (or killed) Bailey?? Oh, because he’s owed $21M this year and $25M next year. In 2020 though, the Reds will be able to give Homer another $8M to just go away.

Homer is the second highest paid player on the Reds roster behind Joey Votto, so you’d expect some kind of decent production. But nope, the Reds have actually paid Homer nearly $8M per win over the last four years. Just to serve as some form of comparison, if Indians pitcher Corey Kluber was on the same pay rate then he would have earned over $500M over these past four years.

Just one more year of Homer and we’ll be free of his poor performances. Just hang in there, Reds fans. We’re almost out of hell.


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