Well Nick, You Kind of Do Shit Out Players

During a press conference yesterday, Nick Saban denied allegations of reportedly being capable of shitting out players to replace starters. Evidence supports that this denial was false.

Alabama gets the #1 recruiting class year after year. They also have like a million draft picks every year, only for that player to be replaced by a different future NFLer. Hell, you were able to shit out another QB in the National Championship game this year when the original starter wasn’t playing all that great.

I love how Saban is trying to make his job of building depth seem so hard. Realistically, the hardest part is trying to get these kids to sign out of high school. And with Bama’s tradition and facilities, that’s not really that hard either. Saban had to work hard for like, his first two seasons. Now Alabama football’s just a self-ran machine.

Just relax, Nick. I’m sure everything will be fine and I’m sure you’ll probably win another title. Just let the work take care of itself.


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