Dale’s Fantasy Corner: Wide Receiver Rankings

So how is everyone enjoying watching pre season football? I know it sucks right. It was nice that first week just because it kind of wet our beak for what is to come, but I’m just ready for the real thing.

If you are in a ppr league and especially if you have to play 3, wide outs are probably the most important position success in your fantasy season. So here are my top 30 rankings of WR’s for the 2018-2019 season, all PPR based.

1. Antonio Brown

2. Deandre Hopkins

3. Michael Thomas

4. Odell Beckham JR.

5. Julio Jones

6. Davante Adams

7. TY Hilton

8. Keenan Allen

9. AJ Green

10. Amari Cooper

11. Mike Evans

12. Adam Thielen

13. Stephan Diggs

14. Doug Baldwin

15. Larry Fitzgerald

16. Tyreek Hill

17. Juju Smith- Schuster

18. Brandin Cooks

19. Demaryrius Thomas

20. Josh Gordon

21. Jarvis Landry

22. Golden Tate

23. Michael Crabtree

24. Devin Funchess

25. Robert Woods

26. Marquise Goodwin

27. Sammy Watkins

28. Emmanuel Sanders

29. Robby Anderson

30. Jamison Crowder

Guys I love-

Deandre Hopkins- I would of had this guy number one but it just didn’t feel right putting him over AB. I feel like this is the first time in his whole career he has started the season with a real quarterback (no disrespect to Matt Schaub). This guy absolutely blew up when Watson was healthy last year and I would expect the same production all year with a hopefully healthy Watson

Amari Cooper- Last year he had the injury bug and so did Carr, but I think he has a huge bounce back year. Also he will be the number one target in the red zone now with Crabtree gone. I think Gruden will make it an priority to get him the ball in any way possible this year.

Robert Woods – With the addition of Cooks, I think this will open it up for Woods to receive a lot of targets with the defense keying in on Cooks. Also I loved what I saw from him last year and seemed to be Goff’s go to guy in the red zone.

Guys I hate-

AJ Green- While I believe AJ is an amazing talent, I just don’t see the production there this year. If you could get him at a decent value go for it but I wouldn’t reach for the guy, just seems to always be banged up.

Tyreek Hill- I think Tyreek takes a step back this year with Mahomes at the helm. Obviously the guy is an amazing weapon and could go off, but I like my guys to be consistent and I just think he is just gonna be a major boom or bust this year.


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