Free Money

you clicked on this cause it said free money didn’t you? Good because that’s what today’s pick is boys. Now some people might tell you there’s no money in betting pre-season NFL. Those people are stupid and wrong, the preseason might be the best time to bet NFL in my opinion. Coaches will literally tell you who’s going to play what their game plan is everything you need to know to really handicap these games. That being said let’s get into it. Preseason games depend mostly Pnc who’s going to play and for how long. The Jets have 3 capable quarterbacks all who are said to play this week. With that and heavy line movement on the Jets I’m taking them at +1. KC Head coach Andy Reid said in a press conf. All his starters will play the first half which to me sounds like a W. I’m taking KC at a pick. And the last three picks are all overs. Last week NFL OVERS hit in more than half of all games. And in response Vegas juiced them all this week so im taking the the three highest games and betting the under. NE under 42.5, PIT under 43,and MIA under 43. Now here’s where we really lock the money up, TEASERS. If you aren’t a degenerate gambler like I am teasing is where you pair multiple games together in exchange for points on each game and they all have to win for you to win. So on these bets I’ll be playing a 6 point teaser at +400. Which moves our lines to:

Jets +7
KC +6

That looks like easy money if i ever saw it. Even if you only throw $25 on this bet that wins you’ve $100. Get your girlfriends purse and let’s make some money.


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