Fantasy tip: don’t tell your members about Guice

Tragic news we received the other day. Derrius Guice, rookie out of LSU tears his ACL in Thursday’s nights preseason game. Obviously this is terrible news for the redskins and Juice. It is also double sucks that it happened in a preseason game. Fuck the preseason

If you haven’t read my running back rankings, first off you should and second, you would know I had Guice as my big time sleeper for this year and firmly believe he could have been a top 10 back by the end of the year. Now if you play in a fantasy league like mine, you would know you have some dip sticks that don’t keep up and just go off of the top 100 rankings on draft day.

Here is my tip: just shut your damn mouth. The best memories of drafts comes from dumbass drafting guys who are out for the year. For example, last year I had a guy draft Spencer Ware in like the 3rd round. Simply put he still catches hell to this day.


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