Cats play tonight and I couldn’t be more hype

The moment we’ve all been waiting for in BBN country. This will be our first glance at the new highly anticipated group Cal has put together this season. I would give my left nut to be down in the Bahama’s right now at the casino or by the pool pre gaming. Judging from the pictures down there it looks like a hell of a time and looks like the players are having a blast.

I’m going to be interested to see the different lineups Calipari throws out there this trip and how he handle the big men with Reid Travis, PJ Washington, EJ Montgomery and Nick Richards. I’m sure the rotations that will be out there these four games in the Bahamas will not be a indicator of what’s to come in November, but it will still be nice to see the guys getting run in.

Game is @ 7 on SEC NETWORK vs the Bahamas national team



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