Kegs Sunday Confessional

I’d like to take time out of this sunday and every sunday forward to really just complain about a bunch of things that are really just annoying and stupid in my opinion so lets get right into it.

Football side bets

Okay so betting on football is americas pastime fuck baseball. However lets say its any given sunday you’ve got your fantasy league going. Then you make a couple 50 dollar bets on some teams. Next thing you know you’ve got $20 on how any TDs tom brady will’re in a 1 day fantasy league for a few dollars. Then your degenerate friends all want to throw money on some bs ravens-Browns game. Here it is 3pm and I’ve got $200 in the air. Ridiculous, contain yourself boys its a long season.


Staying on the subject of me losing money, this past Thursday i bet the hall of fame game. Ravens playing both their star QBs and chicago saying Trubisky will not play and they are playing no starters. Sounds like pretty even chalk for the ravens. Fast forward to game-time ravens have the ball up 1 inside the 10 yard line and take a damn knee with 1:30 left on the clock. Wheres the fun in that. I get the idea in ya know not being an asshole and scoring when you’ve already won the game but wheres the fun in that the spread is -2.5 does no one consider the gambler anymore?

Lets end on a positive note with a realization i came to on Saturday. I was at goettafest in cinci. So you know beer lines crazy, live music, shoulder to shoulder crowd. I look over and see a baby in a stroller living his best life This guys got it made everything he needs within reaching distance no need to walk around and a middle aged woman catering to your every need? Sign me up id pay double to go to literally any event where i got to be in a stroller. 12 pack under the seat I’m good to go .


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