Dale’s Fantasy Corner: Running Back Rankings

I would call it the most underappreciated position in today’s game, well at least in the eyes of NFL GM’s. Nobody wants to give the big bucks to the guys carrying the ball in the backfield anymore. However I do think Gurley getting his pay day last week will start a snowball effect of more backs getting paid, ala Lev’eon Bell who is still waiting for his long term deal.

These rankings will be based on PPR (1 point per reception) because that is all I’ve ever played and seems to be the most popular scoring system out. So here are my top 30 RB’s for the upcoming 2018-2019 season.

1. Ezekiel Elliott

2. Todd Gurley II

3. Le’veon Bell

4. Alvin Kamara

5. Saquon Barkey

6. Melvin Gordon

7. David Johnson

8. Kareem Hunt

9. Christian McCaffrey

10. Dalvin Cook

11. Devonta Freeman

12. Leonard Fournette

13. LeSean McCoy

14. Kenyan Drake

15. Joe Mixon

16. Derrick Henry

17. Jerrick McKinnon

18. Jordan Howard

19. Royce Freeman

20. Alex Collins

21. Sony Michel

22. Derrius Guice

23. Lamar Miller

24. Marlon Mack

25. Jay Ajayi

26. Ronald Jones

27. Rashaad Penny/ Chris Carson?

28. Duke Johnson JR.

29. Ty Montgomery

30. Tarik Cohen

Before you go calling me a homer for putting Zeke first let me explain. First off he is going to have a healthy O-line which he didn’t have all last season. Also I think Dallas is going to use him in the passing game more this season with the departure of Witten in the short passing game. I think he can be a safety blanket for Dak on third and long situations and even in the goal line. You can about place Zeke and Gurley 1A and 1B.


David Johnson – Every rankings I’ve looked at online has him in the top 5 in some form. I just don’t see it for him this year even though he will be a vocal point in that offense. For one the cardinals are going to suck and everyone is going to be stacking the box on them. If Rosen is the real deal I could see him going off like he did 2 seasons ago but for now he is in the wait and see category for me. It would make me nervous spending my first round pick on him

LeSean McCoy- Who knows what to think with this guy. If what is alleged against him is true there is no way he plays, but even without that I think he starts to break down this year. Eventually he has too right?! I thought last year was the year he would but he keeps proving me wrong.

Seattle backfield- This is a backfield I would try to avoid this season barring injury. Rashaad Penny was the assumed starter after drafting him 27th overall in this years draft, but every report I’ve read so far out of Seattle’s camp is Carson is the guy, which doesn’t surprise me the way he performed in the games he played last year. I for one think Seattle is going to suck this year and also be a committee, so I’m steering clear of any Seattle backs for the time being.

Derrius Guice – I love the me some Guice this year. Everything I’ve read out of redskins camp has been positive and honesty I don’t even think it’s a competition between him, Chris Thomson, and fat Rob Kelley. I predict Guice will be threat in the red zone this year and I predict double digit touchdowns from the rookie.


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