Is Tristan Thompson a First Ballot Hall of Famer for Beating Draymond’s Ass?

“The players got into a big fight earlier this month inside LA nightspot Delilah, multiple sources told BOSSIP. Both ballers were in the nightclub for a private party after the ESPY Awards July 18th, and we’re told that Thompson – dad of baby girl True with Khloe Kardashian – socked Green with a two-piece, getting the better of the NBA Champion.”

Y’all really had to show out at an ESPY’s after party? And how about Tristan Thompson’s only career accomplishment being the father to Khloe Kardashian’s baby. I guess they kind of forgot that he (Lebron) won a title in 2016. Really wish I could’ve seen this two-piece in person. Some say that Draymond went over to apologize to TT, but instead TT just started swinging. Shoot first, ask questions later. A motto that Tristan Thompson lives by.

“And it was none other than their fellow teammates LeBron James and Kevin Durant then quickly stepped in to break up the fracas, we’re told. James apparently had enough and left the party shortly after the alleged incident.”

Can you imagine how dramatic Lebron was during this whole confrontation?

“See Tristan? See? That’s that shit that I was always talking about. That’s why I left your stupid ass in Cleveland. You always gotta do some stupid shit. You know what? Fuck this Tristan, I’m leaving.” -Lebron in the club.

“Although neither player was seriously injured, the fight caused quite a stir among the well-heeled set at the invite-only bash.”

Imagine being Aaron Rodgers at the ESPY’s celebrating your girlfriend’s terrible performance as a host (yes, I’m calling Danica Patrick Aaron Rodger’s girlfriend. If she was actually a good racecar driver then I’d acknowledge here more appropriately), and you just look over in the club and see a 7-foot Kardashian beating the shit out of Donkey from Shrek. You’d be pretty shook, right? I’m guessing the fight stole the entire show at the after party. It would’ve been nice if all the athletes there just started hashing shit out with each other. I’d pay PPV type of money to see that.

Alright, so someone finally called Draymond Green out on his tough guy shit. If it was some sort of sucker punch, then oh well? If you’re a tough guy like you say you are, then you gotta be ready for anything at anytime Draymond.

After this confrontation, I think Tristan Thompson is no doubt a first ballot Hall of Famer. Thompson has a very impressive resume that includes being an NBA Champion, being in a relationship with a Kardashian and not going crazy/being a crackhead yet, and beating Draymond Green up at an ESPY’s after party. These numbers aren’t good enough to put him in the GOAT conversation just yet, but the accolades are definitely strong enough to get him into a Top 10 player of all-time debate.

Luckily, Tristan still has plenty of time left in his career. Maybe he can build on his already impressive career, and give us a reason to include him in the MJ vs Lebron debate.


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