Is John O’Korn Taking a Shot at Harbaugh?


“all the hoe players” is definitely one of my favorite lines, EVER.

Oh, so John O’Korn is trying to talk trash about Harbaugh? The coach that gave him chance after chance even though he might be the worst quarterback of all-time? Yeah, alright buddy. Don’t let your failures cause you to blame anyone else.

Mr. 2 Touchdowns and 6 Interceptions in his senior year is just mad because he’s irrelevant and never lived up to his freshman year fluke at Houston. You’re lucky that Harbaugh even looked in your direction during your entire Michigan tenure.

I don’t have too much left to say about John O’Korn. The guy’s a bum. Instead, let’s take a look at the most memorable play of his Michigan career.

The guy was either throwing the game or he’s just that bad. I’m going to guess that he’s just that bad.


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